PPC?! Pay Per Click paid advertising that makes your business up to X10+ more money than invested?

If you want more people to hear about your service or product, PPC advertising is what you need! When your campaign is set and optimized in the right way, all the money spent on it will come back multiplied, and statistics and profit will skyrocket! Yes, that’s right! You heard it right!

So, what does the PPC exactly mean?

PPC or Pay- Per- Click Advertising is part of digital marketing that is very popular and companies across the world widely used in their marketing strategies. To put it as simply as possible, this is how PPC works – advertisers run campaigns, and they pay for every click their ad makes.

Today, it includes a wider range of campaigns, which are launched on Internet browsers and Social media, and you pay for each archived result i.e. conversion (click, purchase, engagement, etc).

When it comes to Internet browsers such as Google, Yandex, Bing, or Pinterest, PPC allows you to be on the top of the search results.

Your ad will automatically be better ranked than other sites that made it to the top organically!

Why is that so important?

Well, if you want your site to be at the top of the search, it takes a lot of time, optimization and following SEO rules and guidelines. This is the way to make the process faster and get the results immediately.


Why is PPC Advertising important for the growth of your business?

It is safe to say that PPC marketing is one of the most established branches of digital marketing out here. However, sometimes while talking with our clients we can still hear the question: Why is PPC important?

The biggest benefit of this way of advertising is that it’s one of the most successful branches of digital marketing. PPC marketing gives you fast results, a reliable return on investment, it gives you a general presence on Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok) and Internet browsers such as Google, Bing etc.

With these campaigns, you can target just the right people – the ones that need your service or product, better said – your targeted audience. Your ads can be targeted toward demographic categories, for example, countries/cities, age and sex, Iinternet user’s behaviour, interests etc. When setting your ads, this is a very important step, on which the success of your campaign can depend to a large extent!

Remarketing – this is an option that is very helpful. It allows you to target people who previously visited your site, your buyers, depending on the page they visited. In this way, you increase the chance of bringing users back to your site and still selling them your product or service.

One of the advantages of PPC advertising is the detailed analytics that these platforms own. Thanks to analytics, you can test different versions of ads and see which one is better performing, you can test the way you communicate, your visuals, and what converts better. In accordance with those results, you can optimize your campaigns very successfully.

If you are a fan of statistics, let’s see what numbers say. They will tell you a lot about the importance of implementing PPC marketing in your strategy.

Internet browsers and social media are an undeniable part of everyday use of the Internet. If you turn a blind eye to PPC, it would mean ignoring a crucial part of your buyer’s behaviour online!

As many as 94% of Internet users use Social media every day, while Google, for example, receives about 63 000 searches in just one second!

Research shows that 79% of brands that participated, identified PPC as a powerful force that scales their business! If you don’t want to let your competitors “run over” you, paid advertising should be part of your marketing strategy today!

It can be said that both in the short term and in the long run, PPC is a “MUST HAVE” digital marketing strategy.


Google Ads or Facebook/ Instagram Ads

The leaders when it comes to the advertising platforms are Facebook and Google. However, these platforms are completely different – with unique audiences and use cases.

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), is the biggest advertising platform in the world. Due to a large number of users, through the years it became a synonym for paid search (although Bing Ads work in a similar way).

Facebook Ads are the best-known representative of the practice of paying for ads on social media. With the biggest number of active users per month, Facebook is the platform which is a very competitive and lucrative element of prospering business strategies, when it comes to digital marketing.

Google Ads is, for example, a great choice for brands, products and services that are actively searched for on the Internet. On the other hand, Facebook Ads are useful for selling products and services that the audience isn’t actively looking for, but is highly likely to be interested in.

Many businesses use the advantages of this type of advertising, in order to achieve maximum visibility, increase the number of leads and sales, and find new potential buyers.

If you adapt in the right way to the strategies and functionalities these platforms have, you will see significant results in the form of the return on money invested in advertising. 



In order for your campaigns to be profitable and achieve high ROI (return on investment), significant experiences and knowledge are necessary when setting up campaigns.

What does that mean? First of all, every successful campaign starts with a thorough market analysis and planning.

Our experts will analyze the market, the behaviour of your customers, and your past activities online, campaign goals and budgets will be planned in cooperation with you.

For an efficient campaign and good results, it is extremely important that your sales content is of high quality, and the campaign is properly set up. This is why it is crucial to have your campaigns run by a PPC specialist.

Based on their many years of experience and knowledge they constantly expand, they will successfully prepare sales content, run campaigns, optimize them and monitor analytics.

Don’t forget, PPC marketing is the perfect way to scale your business in a fast, efficient, simple and reliable way!

Client Testimonials

“Thanks to the efforts of the Primarius team, the launch of the superb new website lead to SEO rankings improving and organic traffic increases of 30% after only two months. The team's workflow was extremely adaptable as they were able to apply changes to the project almost instantaneously."
logo leone fashion klijenta Primarius digital marketing agencije
Dejan Ševo
CEO - Leone Fashion
“As Managing Director at Minimax, it was made know to me that our SEO was suffering. Primarius first conducted an SEO audit which identified where our issues lay, and then subsequently work on the website for the following issues out. Following the work, our site optimization score increased to around 94% and our rankings began to improve! They are now working on our Website."
logo Minimax klijenta Primarius digital marketing agencije
Goran Bjelica
CEO - Minimax
“Primarius goes above and beyond all projects we hire them for. They’re focused and driven and get things done quickly. Their work was very impressive from the start and they are a pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend giving them a go!”
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Ana Milutin
iCentar ERP System

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